Life Design & Creative Career Coaching

Uncover what’s next - using traditional coaching, design principles,

a twist of creativity and awareness that you’re already enough.  

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Hiring a coach is an investment to explore and pursue meaningful change, big or small, and finding the right partner is a critical first step. I invite you to schedule a 30-minute chat so you can get a sense of working with me and I can get a sense for how I might help you. 

Workshops & Courses

Whether online or in-person, Life Design is a creative and interactive way to shed old beliefs, explore ideas outlandish and absurd, and benefit from the collective wisdom of our unique community. My facilitative duty is to hold space for trust to build and magic to unfold, all while guiding you using proven methods and engaging activities



Community, Chatter & Grit

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"You are here
and you are already enough."